Frequently Asked Questions

Your questions are very likely to be similar to the ones asked in the past by others. Below are some of the most frequently asked questions we have received concerning NUCCA Chiropractic.

f it happens that you couldn’t find the questions you want answered here, please call (425) 437-9974, or fill out the online form.

Your technique requires you work on the neck. Do you twist and pop it?

No we do not. We don’t pop or twist the neck; neither do we thrust the spine.

Technique employed by NUCCA chiropractic when treating spinal related injuries, involves gently moving the joints until they fit properly. Precision is used and not force. Though being very gentle, NUCCA chiropractic adjustment is highly efficient. If you aren’t too comfortable with the traditional chiropractic adjustment (which of course is also safe); you can try out our approach.

What sort of health complication do you observe in people?

Health problem are not the first thing we see in people. What we see are individuals who have come to seek our help having struggled with a lot of health complications.  We understand the pain and discomfort they have gone through. Our major aim is to provide assistance to patients, helping them eleviate impediments hindering the natural healing of their body. Our main focus is on Atlas Subluxation Complex, which is one of the identified barriers.

Below are frequent symptoms we see in patients that come in for treatment

Other than the symptoms listed above, some other patients experience the following symptoms:

  • seizures
  • symptoms related to multiple sclerosis
  • symptoms related to cerebral palsy
  • symptoms related to hormone imbalance
  • symptoms related to other chronic diseases

No matter the symptom a patient might be experiencing, we will first check their medical history and then inquire about their goals, as doing so ensures they understand how the NUCCA chiropractic technique will help them solve their problems.

Do you provide treatment to babies and children?

We definitely do. Upper cervical NUCCA chiropractic is particularly effective in improving the health condition of babies and children, especially those that experienced difficulty during their birth, or have been suffering from chronic ailments.

NUCCA chiropractic is very safe on children, and they respond much faster to cervical chiropractic adjustments than adults.

I am not suffering from “cervical” problems. Do I need to schedule a visit?

Yes. Not everyone understands the real meaning of “upper cervical”. It is a term used to refer to the neck part of your spine, particularly the two vertebrae that hold your head and neck together. This is the region where NUCCA chiropractic treatment is applied. The effect of the treatment gets to all parts of the body including the lower back.

NUCCA doctors work on regions that affect body posture and balance the most. The aim of NUCCA chiropractic treatment is to alter the level of rotation of the hips and also the level of muscle tension which can be felt in the entire back. No matter the part of your body you might be experiencing difficulty with NUCCA chiropractic will definitely be of help.

How long do I have to wait until I feel better?

Don’t expect NUCCA chiropractic to give you new body parts, neither should you expect chiropractors to prescribe drugs that will eliminate the symptoms. Your body will get restored via natural healing.

Natural healing takes time. Your health history, health challenges as well as stress level will play a major role here.

Most times, changes become evident after 7 days of receiving treatment. Sometimes, changes come in the form of decreased symptom. Your condition will first be evaluated to determine the specific time frame for proper healing of your body tissues and joints.

Do you perform x-rays?

We definitely do. We don’t want to take chances by depending on guesswork. NUCCA chiropractic treatment is based on the measurement of postural alignment at the junction holding the neck and the head. It is for this reason that we make use of Digital X-rays.

If you are concerned about exposure to x-ray, please know that safety procedures have been taken to reduce radiation to which you are exposed.

Why do you give so much attention to posture?

Poor posture if left unattended to will eventually lead to muscle aches, tension and headaches. It sometimes gives way to further complications such as arthritis. We make use of postural measurement in determining if a patient has fallen out of alignment and will need NUCCA adjustment. On every visit, several objective postural measurements will be conducted on a patient. Most patients attest noticing the difference in their posture before and after each treatment. Chiropractors will actually train every patient to identify variation in their posture, and so indicate when the need for NUCCA adjustments arises.

How do I know if your approach can provide solutions to my problem?

You might first have to schedule a consultation at our office. Please call (425) 437-9974 to do so. Dr. Schallmann is always on available to put you through a 45 minutes consultation. It is through this consultation with our doctor that you will get to find out if our treatment approach can meet your needs. NUCCA chiropractic is a culmination of 40 years of clinical research, coupled with personal experience gained by doctors. You are the one who will finally determine whether to proceed with the treatment or not.

Do I necessary need to have a symptom before signing up for consultation; I just want to ensure I am in perfect health condition?

You need not necessarily have a health condition before booking an appointment. Though most patients who meet with NUCCA chiropractors end up discovering a particular discomfort in their NUCCA Redmond Chiropracticbody system, chiropractors use this assessment to see ahead of time misalignments before symptoms become fully developed. Patients, whose symptoms have become fully developed, will be required to take treatments. You will need to be assessed if you want to ensure your body works as it should. NUCCA chiropractic is particularly effective in restoring body balance irrespective of the pain an individual is going through. High performers like athletes have come to discover the effectiveness of NUCCA chiropractic in helping them achieve body balance.

In what way is NUCCA chiropractic different from other chiropractic care?

NUCCA chiropractic is different from others in several ways. It doesn’t require twisting, popping and thrusting of the spine. Treatment is based on results obtained from Digital X-Rays so every patient’s treatment plan is tailor-made to his or her unique needs. The goal here is to restore proper body balance, not just to restore joint motion. This means fewer chiropractic adjustments will be needed, and this translates to fewer chiropractic visits.

Do treatments hurt?

Dr. Schallmann who in over 10 years of practicing NUCCA chiropractic, has never seen a patient complain of pain while being treated.  NUCCA chiropractic employs a gentle approach in treating spine related problems.

Just like every other medical treatment, NUCCA chiropractic often leads to temporal and minor discomforts due to the body trying to respond to new alignments. You will get to know about this during your consultation with a doctor.

How often will I need to come back?

NUCCA chiropractic is meant to get your body back in shape via self-healing. In most cases, this can’t be achieved through one-time treatment, and so proper treatment plan is put in place to ensure you recover swiftly.

Though response to treatment isn’t the same for all patients, patients that sign up for NUCCA chiropractic often make fewer visits than other chiropractic techniques. The focus here is not to perform repeated adjustments, but to ensure adjustments are maintained. After the first phase of treatment, patients only come back to have their alignments checked and only adjusted if necessary.

Shouldn’t you be performing chiropractic adjustment on every visit?

Traditional chiropractic adjustment is there to restore proper motion of the spine’s joint. This treatment procedure depends on multiple adjustments on every visit.

NUCCA chiropractic on the other hand, is there to create balance and alignment across your entire spine by eliminating problems that hinder proper joint motion, and also restoring balance to the spine.

As time progresses, this new alignment will aid your body healing, relaxation and balance. The feelings will be different on different days. Doctors will ensure you maintain this new alignment based on objective postural measurement. Adjustments will only be performed when there are clinical indications.

NUCCA chiropractic aids rapid healing by requiring only a few adjustments. The core part of NUCCA chiropractic treatment lies in maintaining adjustments.

Why are there just a few chiropractors like you?

Most of the patients, who have received treatment from us, have in turn referred their friends and family. They are often getting disappointed when they discover that it is only a small fraction (less than 3%) of chiropractors perform upper cervical chiropractic, coupled with the fact that there are only 250 NUCCA doctors around the world.

There are several reasons for this:

First, it is only a few chiropractic schools that put emphasis on the upper cervical spine during chiropractic treatment. Thus it is only few students that understand proper care of the spine.

Secondly, this is a medical career that places great demand on discipline, more education, extensive travel and it is just a few number of doctors that can meet with this demand.

We encourage you to pay a visit to our Upper Cervical Research Foundation to learn more about NUCCA chiropractic. Do well also to tell your personal doctor about this wonderful treatment.