Patient Process

“What will happen on my first visit?”
If you’ve never been to a chiropractor before, you likely already have a lot of questions and lot of ideas about what a chiropractor does.  So let’s talk about what will happen on your very first visit to my office.


A new patient appointment at Back In Balance Redmond Chiropractic is broken into 2 visits:

First Visit

Your first visit consists of:

  • An in-depth health history and consultation
  • Comprehensive spinal exam
  • X-Rays (if necessary)

Please allow 45 – 60 minutes for this visit.

Second Visit

Your second visit consists of:

  • Report of findings from the first visit
  • Your first upper-cervical (NUCCA) spinal correction
  • Post adjustment measurements of postural changes

Please allow 45 – 60 minutes  for this second visit.

Follow-Up Care

Your follow up visits consist of:

  • Measurement of postural alignment or distortion
  • Tracking of symptoms and response to care
  • Additional upper-cervical (NUCCA) corrections as necessary
  • Coaching on how to eliminate habits that weaken alignment
  • Coaching on habits meant to strengthen alignment
  • Advice on nutrition and lifestyle practices that can positively influence results (Eat, Move and Think)

Duration of follow-up visits at Back In Balance Redmond Chiropractic is about 5-20 minutes depending on the scope of care for that day.