Patient Reviews and Success Stories

While we have helped thousands of patients throughout the years, here’s what patients had to say on Google and Yelp …..


Video and Written Testimonials for:

1. Neck and Shoulder Pain
2. Migraine and Headaches
3. Low Back Pain, Hip Pain and Sciatica
4. Mid Back Pain
5. Scoliosis and Poor Posture
6. Numbness and Tingling
7. Jaw Pain, TMD/TMJ (Temporalmandibular Joint Disorder)
8. Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue


Come meet us! You don’t have to be in excruciating pain to see one of the doctors at Back In Balance Redmond Chiropractic. You may just have the occasional headache, a dull ache in your back that you’ve overlooked for too long, or know that the car accident you had years ago changed your body even after other doctors said that you just needed to give it time and live with it. (425) 437-9974

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