Patient Reviews and

Success Stories

Most of our new patients have one request. “Stop the pain!”  After an initial free consultation, that is exactly what we plan to do and we will do it as quickly as possible.

Once we help you to stop the pain, we’ll work to make sure it does not return by treating the base cause.  Our goal from that moment on is a simple one:

We will not only treat you, but we will educate you about the reasons you had pain in the first place and work with you so that you will be able to live your life free from the pain you suffered.
Many of our patients are new to Chiropractic wellness and really do not understand what we do or how we treat pain. They have no idea of the many ways we can stop pain right in its tracks using gentle treatments.

If you are like the vast majority of our first time patients, you’ve sought pain relief help from traditional medicine.  When that did not work, you probably became dependent on pain relief medications which do not stop all the pain and have many side effects.

Our message to you is that you do not have to live with pain and depend on pills to get through each day.  Come and find out why we are the highest rated chiropractic for the Bellevue, Redmond, Kirkland, Bothell and all of Seattle!