Scoliosis and Poor Posture Success Stories

 “Neck pain, headaches, low-back pain…all of these were almost daily, and I was feeling uncomfortable with the stress that I was having. It took a few appointments and I realized that I hadn’t had headaches and my low-back pain was reduced. Better posture and I felt more relieved and relaxed between appointments.” — Maria Laura M.O.

“I had poor posture from sedentary lifestyle and persistent muscle soreness from working on the computer 10-12 hours a day. The stress was beginning to affect other areas of my health. My experience was very positive. Dr. Schallmann explained to me the process for the treatment and made sure my questions were answered. I could see the improvement week-to-week as I went through the treatment. My posture has improved and I feel less muscle soreness and fatigue. My spine feels more balanced and stable. I have found improvements in other areas of my health as well.” — Alex S.

“I am a man in his 40’s who does most of the work in front of computer monitors or in conference rooms. A hiking incident had caused numbness in my lower abdomen and a noticeable kink in posture. I also came with a history of fatigue which other treatments haven’t been able to treat. I was made aware of how and why skeletal balance is of high importance. Through X-rays I was informed of imbalance areas, and how that could be alleviated. With a dozen or so trips, my spine was often adjusted with mild pressure. The doctor suggested supplements (fish oil). I now feel my posture has improved for the better. With some of the stretching exercises I’ve been able to loosen some muscles.” – Mukunda M.

“I had some pain in my right shoulder that wouldn’t go away for a few months. Plus, I noticed that I was wearing my heels down in an uneven manner, so my posture was probably off balance. I also carried a lot of stress in my shoulders and back. The adjustments are painless and it’s amazing how you can see the changes so quickly. The stretching techniques, and tips on how to increase range of motion were easy to do and very helpful. The staff and doctors have been very cordial, making for a great experience when I come for my visit. I don’t have the same pain I used to, and knowing that I have a competent chiropractic team on my side as I try to maintain a healthy lifestyle, and physical fitness is a healthy mental state to be in. This helps reduce my stress because I know I’m doing something good for me. — May K.

“I’m a dental hygienist and spend my working day bent awkwardly over patients causing muscle tightness and discomfort in my neck, shoulders, elbows, back (upper, middle, lower), and hips. I came to Back In Balance to help increase my working life and get rid of my pain. Everyone is very nice and helpful. Even though there are lots of appointments in the beginning, they have been really easy and short. Also, changing my appointment to accommodate my schedule has been very easy. Since I’ve been coming here I have very little pain. It’s not completely gone yet but I am pregnant and some pain is due to that. I foresee feeling better and better the longer I am in alignment and have already experienced amazing improvement.“ -Lauren K

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