Migraine Headache Success Stories

“I woke up every day with a headache and neck pain. I felt like I hadn’t slept and I spent the day trying to ease the pain; neck massage, heating pads, Tylenol. These worked sometimes, but the pain was persistent. From the first adjustment the morning pain subsided. Even though I don’t hold my alignment as long as I’d like yet, I still don’t have the pain. I wake up feeling good. The adjustments from Back In Balance Redmond Chiropractic help me do that.” — Heather J.

“Since an accident 15 years ago I have had neck and upper back issues, and I relied on all sorts of medical care to try and relieve the pain. More recently my neck issues had resulted in weekly migraines. My experience here has been great – everyone is very friendly and helpful. Everything has been explained to me in great detail and I feel I have a great understanding of my issues and “get well’ plan. My neck and shoulders are much less painful. My head and neck are more stable, and my migraines are definitely happening less often – still a way to go to be migraine-free, but a definite improvement.” – Zena H.

“I had a lot of neck and shoulder pain as well as migraine headaches. My head tilted to the left and one leg was shorter than the other. In addition, lower back pain and other pains in hips and thighs when getting up from a chair. Basically, I was a mess! It’s been pleasant, non-invasive and I never liked the traditional adjustments (cracking, etc.) from other chiropractors over the years. I don’t know how Dr. Schallmann uses the gentle neck manipulations to improve how I feel but I know it works! My posture has greatly improved as well as my head doesn’t tilt to the left like it did. Dr. Schallmann suggested I stop taking Tylenol meds at night as a preventative for my migraines, and I did. I feel the same in the morning without Tylenol as when I took it. I hate taking medications.” — Eve D.

“I experienced headaches lasting 36 hours at times. Once to twice monthly for the last 10+ years and increasing. In the first 6 weeks of care, headaches are almost gone. If one comes on I come in and it’s gone within the hour. I feel happier to find a cause of my discomfort and a solution.” — Madey W.

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