Mid Back Pain Success Stories

“Before coming to Back In Balance, I was suffering from pain in my mid-back, neck area and knees. After joining Back In Balance Redmond Chiropractic my body has not experienced pain. I also feel relaxed and happy. All of the doctors and staff are friendly and helpful. The doctors take good care of their patients. They listen to the patient and give good advice. One of my main concerns was to get rid of the pain in my body. Back In Balance has helped me to accomplish that. Also, the stress level has reduced a great extent.” — Mamta D.

“I had a history of lower back pain until about five years ago. Then a period of pretty good back condition. Then a recent strain in the upper-mid back. The care at Back In Balance is different than any other chiro I have been to. While I never had a problem with traditional adjustments, the rigorous exam and gentle adjustments gives me a greater confidence regarding the sustainability of my back over the long term. Back In Balance relieved pain and discomfort, permitting me to continue an active exercise regime.” – Tony B.

“I had been in a car accident and had a headache for over a week. I was also experiencing pain in the mid and lower back. Before the accident I was a very active cyclist riding or racing 4-6 times a week. The doctors are friendly and I feel like they want to do their best to help me get better. I ask a lot of questions and they always answer them. After my first adjustment my constant headache went away for several days and has rarely come back. They have shown me stretches to help with pain in other areas, and improve my posture and overall mobility.” — Chris M.

“I am a computer type and my job consists of sitting at the keyboard all day. To balance this, I enjoy running and swimming. I ran my first marathon in 1979, and have run over one hundred marathons since. Over the years I naturally slowed down a bit which is understandable, but what I didn’t understand was a progressively worsening tightness in my back, shoulders, and neck over the last 10 years. I sort of ignored it until it began having impact on my active lifestyle. Being a computer guy, I naturally turned to the internet in a search for answers. After considerable research, I finally put enough pieces of my puzzle together to discover the concept of “Upper Cervical Adjustment”. Fortunately, Dr. Schallmann’s name came to my attention soon afterwards. Although I was highly skeptical at first, I was ready to try anything at this point, so I made my evaluation appointment. I was very impressed with the evaluation process which included biometric measurements, x-ray analysis, and my own verbal accounting of my struggles with pain. I recall that even the “range of motion” evaluations the Doctor put me through that first visit (such as turning my head from side to side, and up and down) were problematic for me, and triggered my pain. I was getting perilously close to becoming a basket case. When he explained what was going on, and showed me x-ray views and spine models, it started to make sense. Dr. Schallmann performed the “upper cervical adjustment” on me during my second visit. It was totally painless and non-traumatic. My status was monitored 3 times a week for the first few weeks, and when evaluations indicated, I received a number of subsequent adjustments. The adjustments began “holding” longer and longer, and my visits gradually diminished from 3 a week to one every 6 weeks. Of course for me the most important fact is that the pain that originally drove me to the Doctor’s office had subsided. This was very remarkable to me since I had been dealing with it for many years. I am a firm believer in the body’s ability to heal itself if given a chance. Habits and circumstances can lead to miss-alignment. The process to reverse this, which is Dr. Schallmann’s approach, is two part: first, physically correct the miss-alignment, and then second, promote a healthy lifestyle including diet and exercise that will allow the body to do what it does naturally, which is maintain proper alignment. Thank you Dr. Schallmann and staff.” — Frank

“I had back pain in the upper right side of my back for years. With treatment now, it’s totally gone. I can’t believe how well this worked for me. I love the approach of fixing the problems rather than treating the symptoms. This made me think about my health as a whole. I think about what I’m eating, how I’m feeling and how active I’ve been each and every day now.” — Anthony F.

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