Low Back Pain, Hip Pain and Sciatica Success Stories

“Before coming to Back In Balance is had lower back pain, shoulder and neck pain. Felt like I had ‘Rice Krispies’ in my lower neck. My results have been less neck pain and less shoulder pain. I noticed I wasn’t getting headaches as frequently. I no longer have to worry about neck and back pain. I also noticed better posture at work and ability to focus better.” — Thomas W.

“I had constant lower back pain and knee pain that was making it hard to sleep at night and get up in the morning. My scoliosis had worsened due to age and 2 pregnancies, adding to the discomfort. I came to Back In Balance because I was tired of feeling like I was 70 at the age of 37 during the morning. My care at Back In Balance has been excellent. I feel at ease and relaxed; knowing I am in good hands – literally. The best part of Back In Balance has been the overall wellness care – not just relief of my back pain. I am making life changes (exercise, eating, sleeping, stress) that make me an all-over healthier person.” — Anonymous Patient

“I had lower back pain and neck pain prior to coming to Back In Balance. My experience here as been excellent! I feel much better and have more energy. Dr. Schallmann was great. He explained everything helped to relieve my pain, straighten my posture, and provided helpful suggestions.” – Rudy O.

“From years of hard play and hard work, I had fairly chronic sciatic pain that travelled down my right leg. I also had discomfort or a ‘kink’ in my mid back between my shoulder blades and general stiffness in my neck and upper back. The doctors are easy to work with and helpful. The visits are generally relaxing and low stress. By relieving low back pain and sciatica I am able to be more active, energetic and in a better mood. This allows me to work out more often, play with my kids and be more productive around the house.” — Sean M.

“I knew I was out of alignment and was looking for a chiro that was in network and close to work with convenient hours. I was delighted to find that Back In Balance doesn’t perform the typical ‘cracking’ adjustments. Bonus! My experience has been wonderful, my hip pain and stiffness in neck and shoulders are all but gone. I have better posture and flexibility. I am able to do more physically in my yoga and exercise practices. The staff is very accommodating to my schedule and Dr. Schallmann has answered my questions in ways that I understand.” — Sylvie W.

“I’ve had chronic back and neck pain for years. After the 1st adjustment I felt amazingly better! I have much more movement in my neck. My hips and back feel a lot better. I also experienced very comfortable offices and friendly people.” — M.J.

“I had dull pain in my bottom tailbone area from sitting all day at work. Also, I was experiencing occasional shoulder, neck and middle back muscle tenseness. I had a slight misalignment/weird pain in my left hip joint. There was a sharp, occasional pain at the bottom of my neck. The adjustment was a gentle pressure on my neck. Non-invasive. No pain. I’ve achieved a healthy spine, healthy body, awareness of the importance of alignment in my body. Most of all, I think I avoided lots of pain and suffering in the future that would have happened had I not come in and taken care of it now.“ – Lizanne M.

“I had chronic pain in head, neck, hips, lower spine. It inhibited my walking, driving and sitting. My neck is improved, better range of motion, pain and numbness in left arm and shoulder much improved; less pain walking, but sitting and lying down still a bit of a problem. I have reduced my meds and have learned new ways of moving.” -Sharon H

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