Different Kinds Of Headaches

Headaches are an unfortunate part of the lives of millions of people. Some are occasional, while others are frequent. Among the categories that define headaches are:

  • migraines
  • tension
  • cluster
  • sinus
  • cervical

Cervical headaches originate from the neck and may be caused by mild trauma to the head, neck or upper back. This type is also known as a cervicogenic headache, meaning that it is cervical in nature and may be triggered by a dysfunction of the neck.

People that suffer a whiplash injury often develop these types of headaches. Others may or may not recall a specific injury that brought on the problem.

How can Upper Cervical Care help Cervical Headaches?

Upper Cervical Chiropractic Care offers treatment that is designed to improve the alignment and function of the neck. This kind of treatment reduces nerve and blood vessel irritation which may be one of the causes of a cervical headache.

Our staff conducts an exhaustive evaluation of the patient’s condition before recommending treatment. This includes building a complete health history, a thorough physical examination, computerized neurological evaluation and laser-aligned digital radiography.

This evaluation allows the doctor to determine whether or not the underlying cause of the patient’s headaches originate from the neck and are cervical in nature.

The doctor will provide patients with a complete and easy to understand explanation of their condition based on the comprehensive evaluation that will have been completed.

This explanation will include an up-front and honest assessment of whether their headaches are caused by a cervical problem that may originate from a small misalignment in the neck, or if something else is more likely to blame.

If the problem is cervical, our NUCCA procedure is a gentle one that does not require any twisting or turning of the neck. Upper Cervical Care has been effective in helping people with:

  1. neck and back pain
  2. herniated discs
  3. arm pain
  4. sciatica
  5. vertigo and dizziness

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