Bulging Disc Treatment

Discs are the cartilage pads that separate, cushion and help to connect the vertebrae that make up the spinal column. They serve as shock absorbers between each of the vertebrae and are constantly subjected to the pull of gravity and the torque which builds up from everyday movements. Disc problems might be caused by genetic disposition, the normal wear and tear of aging, or an injury.

The function of a disc can be greatly affected by the alignment of the spine. A subluxation or structural imbalance can force a disc to bulge, protrude or herniate. This may result in contact with the nerves and cause pain or numbness.

Back pain is very common medical complaint and one that we see and treat frequently. Treatment involves the realigning of vertebrae and returning the spine to it’s normal range of motion that reduces the pressure on the discs and spinal joints, as well as the incorporation of physical therapy in the form of strengthening exercises for the abdominal and back muscles.

Core stabilization is essential for prevention of subsequent disc problems.

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