How Upper Cervical Chiropractic Helps with Migraines and Headaches?

Written by Justin Schallmann

On May 18, 2017
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According to the National Upper Cervical Chiropractic Association or NUCCA, chiropractic techniques are highly effective in relieving Vertigo Relief, Dizziness Relief, Dizzy, Meniere’s Relief, Vertigo, Dizziness, Meniere’s , Meniere’s Diseasemigraine pains and all kinds of pains that results from the misalignment of the spinal cord. Re-aligning the spine can be a great treatment in such cases.

The Treatment Plan

The exponents of chiropractic technique roots from the belief that migraines and all kinds of chronic headaches, neck and back pain is the consequence of spinal misalignment. This condition can also be termed as the spinal dysfunction originates from atlas subluxation complex, which is nothing but the misalignment of the first vertebra lies immediately at the top of the neck.

Considering the problem of misalignment, the upper cervical chiropractic experts at NUCCA have come up with a treatment plan, which essentially involves the correction of subluxation of the atlas vertebra. It’s a subtle realignment of the upper cervical spinal area, to stimulate the natural healing process of the body for treating pains, like migraines in particular. Reports reveal that such kind of treatments are highly successful in such cases.

The spinal realignment has no popping or twisting of the neck area. During the NUCCA chiropractic procedure, the patients lie on their side when the expert precisely corrects the cervical spine. This primarily involves the restoration of atlas vertebra, so that it can come back to its normal position. The best part is there’s no pain or discomfort involved in the process. In fact, many patients do not even feel that there’s some movement going on in the vertebra as it slowly moves back into its normal position. Before starting with the realignment process, the NUCCA chiropractor takes measurements of the spinal area. It helps in proper repositioning of the atlas vertebra, so as to restore appropriate balance of the body.

The Results

By removing the subluxation from the atlas vertebra, the NUCCA techniques aims at restoring stability to the spinal column, thus relieves migraines and other painful conditions. However, before you get the chiropractic treatment with a NUCCA doctor, the chiropractor will look into your condition and accordingly develop a customized treatment plan to suit your individual needs.

NUCCA chiropractic effective for treating ailments like:

  • Back and neck pain
  • Allergies
  • Muscle tension
  • Sinus problems
  • Herniated discs
  • Digestive upset
  • TMJ
  • Whiplash
  • Sciatica
  • Scoliosis

Get in touch with the Back In Balance Redmond at 425-437-9974 and see if NUCCA can help you get rid your migraine headaches or other kind of headaches forever.

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