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NUCCA and Neck Pain

One of the most common musculoskeletal problems found among people in the United States is Neck pain, and it is second to lower back pain. According to statistics, approximately 70% of the US population will experience neck pain at one point in their life. Also, more women than men will observe a pain in the […]

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How Upper Cervical Care Helps With Post-Concussion Syndrome

According to research, results show that many individuals are not taking concussions serious as they should be. More than half a million children are taking to the hospital emergency units on the treatment of traumatic brain injuries. However, so many school children suffer from concussion as a result of participating in organized sports such as […]

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Mind Your Posture Daily

Mind Your Posture Daily Never before has there been a time in modern history when there were so many daily activities that promote poor, weak posture, thus causing a strain on the spine, and a myriad of potential health problems. The potential for harm to your spine in the following activities is largely due to […]

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Alleviate Headaches Naturally With NUCCA Chiropractic

Headaches are among the most commonly reported of all medical problems. They are a medical mystery that can be caused by any number of issues. Most people throughout the world suffer from headaches at some point during their lifetime. Local residents are no exception. People that suffer from occasional or persistent headache pain experience discomfort […]

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