Suffering with Neck Pain? Chiropractor Shares New Study!

A new study by the Annals of Internal Medicine indicates that conservative care is superior to medication for the treatment of neck pain. The study reveals that spinal manipulation and exercise are each more effective than over-the-counter pain relievers, narcotics and muscle relaxants. The study can be viewed by clicking: Annals of Internal Medicine.

That’s very good news for the untold numbers of people that suffer needlessly with neck pain which can lead to headaches, numbness, and tingling and pain into the shoulders. It gives them a valid treatment option that is superior to self medicating or having to deal with the many negative effects of powerful prescription pain killers and other drugs.

Both chiropractic and exercise had more than doubled the likelihood that participants in the study would experience complete relief of their pain compared to the medication group. For chiropractic patients, these benefits lasted for at least a year which demonstrates that chiropractic can provide long-term relief.

The authors of this study concluded: “Spinal manipulation therapy and home exercise led to similar and long term outcomes, but participants who received medication seemed to fare worse, with a consistently higher use of pain medications for neck pain throughout the trial’s observational period.”

The chiropractic method of treatment and exercise is successful because it deals with the problem causing the symptoms, rather than just masking them with pain relief medications or treating the condition with high risk surgery. Neck pain can be caused by an injury such as an auto accident or activities like sitting long hours at a desk, talking for extended periods on the phone, or carrying a heavy pocket book or briefcase on a shoulder. No matter what the cause, chiropractic will restore optimal pain free health.

Dr. Justin Schallmann is a NUCCA Bellevue chiropractor who utilizes a combination of chiropractic treatments and home exercise plans to expedite the care of correcting the cause of the neck pain. He has been treating patients for the past seven years at our office located in Redmond, Washington. His treatments have successfully helped people with neck pain who have come to us from Redmond and the surrounding towns of Bellevue, Kirkland, Issaquah and Sammamish, as well as Seattle.

If you are in pain, allow us to help. We can treat your pain, the condition causing it and give you back the freedom you once enjoyed to engage in normal daily activities. Call our office for a consultation at 425-437-9974. For more information about Dr. Schallmann and his practice, visit

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Justin Schallmann is the Owner and Founder of Back In Balance Chiropractic, a NUCCA chiropractic center in Redmond, WA. He is also the sole author of this Chiropractic blog. You can follow him on Twitter @redmondchiro and on Google+.

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