Sciatica Pain Relief Through Neck Alignment

Written by Justin Schallmann

On June 27, 2016
Back Pain, Back Ache, Pinched Nerve, Numbness, Tingling, Sciatica Pain Relief, Sciatica

Back Pain, Back Ache, Pinched Nerve, Numbness, Tingling, Sciatica Pain Relief, SciaticaThe sciatic nerve courses from the lower back through the hips and down the legs. Sciatica is the condition where pain is felt somewhere along the nerve. The radiating pain can be felt—whether mild or excruciating—in the lower back, thigh, buttocks, or calf. What can cause this type of pain? What options are there for lasting relief?

Often it has been found that while the pain is felt in the lower regions of the body, the root cause may be at the top. The uppermost vertebrae, just at the base of the skull, can become misaligned. If this happens, a chain reaction can occur. Seeing as the spine is attached to ligaments, muscles, and joints, if it is out of place, the effects will trickle down. After a period of time, the misalignment can pull other structures out of place, distort posture, and cause an imbalance in the lower back. Should that happen, it can lead to sciatica and the accompanying pain.

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Finding Relief from Sciatica

How can one find relief from this condition? To get to the bottom of the issue, in this case, start at the top. An examination of the upper cervical region of the spine can determine if the vertebrae are out of place. If this is the case, small adjustments can be made to realign the vertebrae.
Just as an issue can cause problems to radiate down the spine, correcting the issue can resolve those problems. The gentle coaxing of the vertebrae into place will allow other structures to return to their normal positions, relieving the cause of the strain. Once in place, the body can naturally heal itself and pain can be effectively relieved. For a consultation to see if upper cervical care can help relieve your sciatica pain, come by the office or call us to make an appointment.

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