Sciatica Issues Helped With NUCCA Chiropractic

Written by Justin Schallmann

On March 1, 2012

Sciatica is a disabling symptom of a greater problem. It is a pain in the sciatic nerve. This is a very long nerve which travels from the spinal cord to the buttock region, and down behind the leg. Each leg contains a sciatic nerve. When the nerve suffers from inflammation or compression, this is considered sciatica.

The symptoms of sciatica are very uncomfortable and the pain can travel the whole length of the nerve which makes it hard for sufferers to move. Numbness in the limbs is another symptom that can add to your discomfort. If sciatica goes untreated it may lead to a complete loss of bladder control. That condition makes the embarrassment worse than the actual pain.

A NUCCA chiropractor can treat this disorder with spinal adjustment. Subluxation is a common cause of sciatic nerve complications. Subluxation occurs when a vertebrae becomes dislodged from its proper position in the spine.

This creates extra pressure between vertebrae and causes pain. Subluxation can cause the nerve to be pinched and cause pain. Chiropractic adjustment allows your body to help heal itself.

Your practitioner will use natural, gentle techniques to start the healing process. This includes a holistic approach that balances the communication between the nerves and receptors in your body.

A NUCCA chiropractor can help sciatica sufferers. Once you describe the pain you are feeling and the physical problems that you are experiencing, this health care professional will make an accurate diagnosis of your disorder and treat the core problem.

Because the sciatic nerve is the longest nerve in the body, it is important to protect it from long-term damage. Take your life back from pain using your chiropractor’s hands!

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