NUCCA and Migraine Headaches

Written by Justin Schallmann

On October 28, 2017
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Anybody who has suffered a migraine headache can tell how painful and devastating it can be. In most cases, there is nothing much to do to reduce the pain. Luckily, most people have found an effective, safe, drug-free method of treatment for migraine headaches through Redmond Chiropractic care.

Sometimes ago, lots of traditional health care practitioners don’t believe in Chiropractic care after their patients claim to have been relieved of migraine headaches after getting a Redmond chiropractic treatment. However, recent studies affirm that patients show significant improvement of their headache symptoms after chiropractic therapy. Migraine headaches differ in individuals and most times are confusing to diagnose, but among the most common symptoms are:

  • Vomiting and nausea
  • Pulsating pain/ throbbing
  • Pain on one side of the head
  • Light and sound sensitivity
  • Blurred vision

Once a headache is at its peak, many patients can only find a notch of comfort by laying in a dark and quiet room with a cold compress over their forehead. However, this can cause a great disruption in an individual’s ability to discharge their daily and recreational activities. Some people experience what is called Prodrome prior to an actual headache. Symptoms of Prodrome include loss of peripheral vision or blurred vision in some individual. Meanwhile, other individuals may feel a tingling sensation of the body or head. Also, others may experience a sound sensation like a fluttering. There are still other symptoms, and it varies in individuals, whatever the experience may be the person knows the precursor to a migraine headache is the prodrome.

Thrilling latest research has discovered that there can be help for people with this significant condition. According to Dr. Peter Tuchin study as part of his Ph.D. Program at MacQuarrie University has revealed positive results for people experiencing migraine headaches treated by chiropractors. The research involved 123 individuals who had chronic migraine headaches, who had suffered migraine headaches for the past 18 years. They were divided into two groups. The first group was for people who received chiropractic treatment, while the second group was the control group who were told they were getting a form of electrical physical therapy. The research spanned for six months, and each group noted how often they got migraine headaches, how long it lasted and how severe, and the amount of medications needed.

The study shows that around 22% of the patients had a significant decrease: which signifies that more than 60% of their symptoms were reduced in the course of the treatment. Also, another 50% had considerable improvement which suggests that the frequency of the migraine was less, the time was short, and they used less medication.

Not only that can Redmond Chiropractic care be helpful at the onset of migraine headache, is can help ward off the causes of headaches. Chiropractor Redmond wa will prescribe stretches and exercises to reduce the potential of recurring headaches in the future. These exercises can be as easy as doing some spinal twists while lying on the ground or doing neck movement to keep the vertebral column (spine) flexible and loose. Working with an experienced Redmond wa chiropractor can help identify triggers and also help develop means of avoiding those triggers.

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