NUCCA Treats Neck and Back Pain

Written by Justin Schallmann

On July 28, 2012

NUCCA treatment for neck, back and head painMany people throughout their life have problems with neck pain or back pain. This can often be fixed with proper attention from a chiropractor; they are experts in fixing pain and bringing movement back into people’s life. In doing so they can hand back someone’s life to them, this can be a life changing experience. However the work of a chiropractor goes beyond just neck pain and back pain. Often the problems people face in relation to headaches and head pain are fixable by a chiropractor.

Head pain can be a common and chronic problem for many people, they seek so many solutions and often get nowhere. Perhaps it is time that people looked into using the services of an experienced NUCCA Bellevue chiropractor. They have specialist skills and a lot of experience in dealing with people with head pain and neck pain.

Why should you specifically see a NUCCA Bellevue chiropractor? They are specifically accredited and acknowledged by the National Upper Cervical Chiropractic Association. This means that you know you are being seen by a professional and caring chiropractor. This NUCCA specialized practice is where special low impact techniques are used to control pain and discomfort.

This is done by applying a low force adjustment to the atlas vertebra, which is the first vertebra on the neck. By operating in a controlled and professional fashion, a NUCCA Bellevue chiropractor can alleviate and improve headache pain and neck pain. This is one of the most effective ways of treating cephalgia, and an approved NUCCA Bellevue Chiropractor in Redmond is the way to do it.

The focus of the NUCCA practice is on the atlas vertebra, which is the first bone in the spine. It has the unique ability to swivel on the vertebra below it. This allows movement of the head freely, and gives us the freedom of movement we normally enjoy.  However if there is a problem or misalignment in this first vertebra, then it can cause serious problems. This can lead to spasms occurring and also the presence of inflammation of the surrounding area. This can in turn lead to pressure being put on the muscles around the neck and head.

Muscular pain can contribute greatly to head aches and distress. Many headaches are misdiagnosed and are actually down to muscular tension or disturbance. Seeing a qualified NUCCA chiropractor can really help you get over your troubles. Many everyday tasks can contribute to muscular tension that causes headaches. Things such as looking down at a laptop or television screen can cause tension and misalignment in your back. If you are in the habits of doing things over a long period of time, without change, then you can really put strain on your back and neck.

Seeing a NUCCA Bellevue chiropractor can sort out your headache problems for good. It is better to get things seen to before they get even worse. A short trip to the chiropractor can really save you a lot of stress and pain.

Justin C. Schallmann is a NUCCA Bellevue Chiropractor and health educator. More information can be found at his website at

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