NUCCA and Back Pain

Written by Justin Schallmann

On June 26, 2017
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According to scientific studies, results have shown that treatment for neck and lower back pain administered by Redmond WA chiropractors is the more effective than physical therapy, taking drugs and surgery. In addition, Redmond Chiropractic care has been revealed to be an exceptionally safe method for the treatment of back pain. Also, part of the research also shows that Redmond Chiropractic is the most cost-effective way to save expenses when it comes to these costly health conditions. Consumer Reports magazine also showed, in a poll of its members that chiropractors have high satisfaction ratings in treating lower back pain among all types of treatment providers.

A large percentage of the American population will experience a significant back pain before the age of 40. Lower back pain is defined as more than the mild soreness you get after physical activities such as vacuuming and gardening. Back pain is a very intense and excruciating pain which keeps people from carrying out daily activities like getting dressed, cooking, driving, taking care of the kids, handling house chores, and also enjoying recreational activities such as hobbies and exercise. However, people tend to believe that this condition gets to resolve itself within a period, or even when it comes back it is wise just to do nothing and it will just disappear after a while.

Two research studies were carried out to determine an effective way for doctors to treat patients with lower back pain with chiropractic care. The studies show that a number of patients were given chiropractic alterations three times a week for four weeks, after which they all made a significant improvement in relation to their ability to perform daily routines and extent of pain. Half of the patients ended their care and the other half continued and were given treatment once every two to three weeks for a period of nine months, those patients whose treatment was continued maintained their improvements, experienced pain reduction, they were able to do their normal routines and also had further gains. Meanwhile, those whose treatments was discontinued relapsed back to the original pain they exhibited.

Back pain is not a health condition which has to be ignored; this is because people who suffered back pain studies shows that they still have it after 12 months after it began. Since it has been established that back pain is a condition which cannot be ignored or the fact that it can recur after a certain period, what should be the next thing to do? The solution lies in seeing a qualified, licensed and professional Chiropractor. Redmond WA chiropractors have extensive knowledge and training in the biomechanics and anatomy of the lower back. They will diagnose the patient and determine the cause of the pain, and once they are able to determine what is causing the back pain, they administer chiropractic manipulative therapy, which is sometimes called chiropractic alterations. This treatment work to realign the spine and to correct anomalous movements of the spine.

Treatment offered by Chiropractor Redmond WA has proven to be more effective for back pain more than surgery, medications, and exercises. It has also proven to be the safest of them all as well as the least costly.  We have also been able to recognize that the next step to management and treatment of lower back pain is to distinguish it as a condition related to diabetes and high blood pressure and discover that with some notch of periodic chiropractic alteration or care we can efficiently help patients with back pain.

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