Gentle NUCCA Chiropractor Provides Pain Relief

pain treatment Redmond WANeck and back pain are common medical complaints and disorders suffered by millions of people at some point during their lives. Most of the sufferers treat their pain with medications that do not address the actual cause of these issues. They do not realize that their pain can be treated and the core problems which cause it can be fixed with proper attention from a chiropractor.

Chiropractic practitioners are health care professionals and experts in alleviating pain, solving health problems, teaching healthy lifestyle choices and bringing movement back into people’s lives who have been compromised by their conditions. The positive life changes and health improvements that are possible through chiropractic care are substantial. However the work of a chiropractor goes far beyond just neck pain and back pain. Often the problems people face in relation to headaches and head pain are fixable by a chiropractor.

Head pain is a common and chronic problem for many people that causes them to seek a wide variety of medical solutions without finding any that actually work. Perhaps it is time that sufferers looked into using the services of an experienced National Upper Cervical Chiropractic Association (NUCCA) Bellevue chiropractor? They have the specialized skills and experience needed to successfully treat people with head pain and neck pain.

Bellevue chiropractors are accredited and acknowledged by the National Upper Cervical Chiropractic Association. When you choose a Bellevue chiropractor, you will be diagnosed and treated by an individually accredited health care professional and caring practitioner. This NUCCA specialized practice utilizes special low impact techniques to control pain and discomfort.

Their procedure involves gently applying a low force adjustment to the atlas vertebra (the first vertebra on the neck). This is one of the most effective ways of treating cephalgia. Bellevue chiropractors in Redmond operate in a controlled and professional fashion. Their NUCCA approved treatments can alleviate headache and neck pain, as well as improve the overall health of their patients.

The focus of a NUCCA chiropractor practice is on the atlas vertebra. It has the unique ability to swivel on the vertebra below it. This allows the head to move freely and provides the diversity of movement we normally enjoy. A problem or misalignment in that first vertebra can restrain normal movements and cause serious problems. This may lead to spasms or the presence of inflammation of the surrounding area, which can in turn lead to pressure being put on the muscles around the neck and head.

Muscular pain often contributes greatly to headaches and distress. There are a number of everyday tasks and physical positions which might cause the kind of muscular tension that produces headaches. A good example is looking down at a laptop or television screen which causes tension and misalignment in your back. Repetitive activities like that one continued over long periods of time place a strain on your back and neck. Most headaches are improperly diagnosed and are actually caused by a muscular tension or disturbance. Being treated by the qualified NUCCA health practitioners at Bellevue Chiropractor can help you. They are able to correctly diagnose and treat the primary cause of your pain. They can also teach you how to successfully manage stress.

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