Fibromyalgia and the Battle with Fatigue

Written by Justin Schallmann

On June 13, 2016
Fibromyalgia, Fatigue, Chronic Fatigue, Always Tired, Tired

Fibromyalgia, Fatigue, Chronic Fatigue, Always Tired, TiredFibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome are closely connected. Extreme tiredness that extends over the course of weeks or months is usually followed by a diagnosis of chronic fatigue syndrome. This is also particularly common in those suffering from fibromyalgia. The main conditions necessary to make the diagnosis are the three mentioned below:

  • Four months of fatigue
  • Difficulty concentrating and lack of mental clarity
  • Feeling tired even after a night’s sleep

Women are more likely to develop the condition than men. Risk increases with age. In the US, up to 7% of the population is affected with chronic fatigue syndrome. Research links fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue to complications within the nervous system. What are the facts and how can these conditions be managed or treated?

The Facts About Fibromyalgia

  • When the perception of pain is distorted (a primary symptom of fibromyalgia), it correlates to the central nervous system, namely the brain and spinal cord.
  • There are noted changes in the brain from someone who has fibromyalgia when compared to someone who does not. Those changes include neurochemical changes, anatomical, and physiological differences.
  • Physical abnormalities can cause altered blood flow to the Thalamus. When blood flow is decreased to this region of the brain, it can cause changes in energy and metabolism  
  • Sufferers often experience what is known as windup. Pain is registered by the brain without an actual cause or explanation for it.

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Treatment and Care

For those who live with these conditions, medical treatment often includes sleeping pills and antidepressants. These are prescribed to aid the easing of symptoms. Psychological therapies can also help ones endure and find a measure of relief as well.

Seeing as there is a strong connection with the brain stem and these two conditions, upper cervical care can go a long way in relieving and even treating the cause of the presented issues. If the upper cervical vertebrae are out of alignment, it can create pressure on the nervous system and vascular network. Gentle adjustments can ease the tension and allow these systems to heal and regain proper function.



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