Chronic Headaches – Is There Any Relief that Works?

Written by Justin Schallmann

On November 9, 2015
Migraines Relief, Natural Relief, Headaches

Migraines Relief, Natural Relief, HeadachesMaking a living or just surviving day to day can really be a challenge for someone with chronic headaches. You have no way to know when they will hit or how long they will last. When you are suffering from one, you cannot think straight enough to know what the best treatment option would be. How can you find help?

Let’s talk about what we do know about chronic headaches. One of the leading causes of headaches is linked to the brainstem. This is the part of the brain that comes from the skull area through the upper neck area and on into the rest of the body, connecting them all together. If one of the pathways to the brain becomes damaged, it has a negative effect on blood flow and neurology. If the upper cervical spine is biochemically unstable, it can injure the brainstem. Lack of oxygen to the brain will trigger headache pain. Misalignments in the upper neck, know as the C1 and C2 vertebra, can cause changes in neurology and blood flow to the brain.

What are the treatment options some have tried?

  • Light therapy
  • Essential oils
  • Powerful medications
  • Surgery

Are any of these right for you, and which one has the least side effects? Well, let’s look at one more option – upper cervical chiropractic care, such as that performed by Dr. Justin Schallmann of Redmond, Washington.


Upper neck specialists, as these chiropractors are called, work with very specific tools and testing to see whether or not a misalignment could be the underlying cause of your headaches. If so, special x-rays are then taken for an adjustment specifically for you. The adjustment is given only when necessary to restore healthy function to the brainstem. Once you are properly aligned, brain function, neurology, and blood flow are restored, and your body begins to heal properly.

A study was done of 101 patients with a history of different kinds of headaches, but all referred to as chronic. 87 of these remembered having an injury to their upper neck. All got care from an upper cervical chiropractor. Of these 101, 87 reported that their headaches had completely gone away in 1-8 months. 12 more patients saw significant improvements in the number of times they got headaches.

Why not call Dr. Schallmann today to see if you qualify for help with your chronic headaches before another one hits you unexpectedly. Wouldn’t it be great to reduce or get rid of your headaches finally?

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